The Young Hero

After becoming a teenager, his companions began to see the charisma that showed up Murtado’s face. Murtado’s girls start to love him very much. Moreover, Murtado isn’t just an attractive teenager but also a polite, respectful and smooth teenager but firmly said.

Around one and a half centuries ago there was a hero named Murtado. He lived in the area in the Dutch colony. In Murtado’s regent, soon after a child started to walk and started to speak, the parents would send him to the Islamic study center. So did Murtado’s parents. Murtado was sent to the Islamic study center. The center had to major in religious issues, for example, knowledge of Qu’ran – holly book of Islam -, Arabic language, norm, etc. Other lessons were math, physics, social, and culture.

Other than that, the center usually gave a martial arts lesson for the student as well as Murtado’s place. The instructor showed it not for battling reason but rather only for self-defense when attacked by an enemy.

“Murtado, you need to learn martial arts, so you can deal with yourself and help other people,” said his dad. Murtado obeyed his request. Occasionally he contemplated martial arts diligently.


Admired Every Time

Each time a teacher gave another lesson, Murtado always dependably saw rapidly. Although in a brief timeframe, he could to be number one in class. He rehearsed cheerfully.

“Hiyaaah … hiyaaah … hiyaaah!” Murtado yelled when he completed the process of learning new things from his teacher.

“Well, you’re incredible!” said his teacher each time he knew the consequenced of Murtado’s training in martial arts. This sort of commendation was frequently heard by Murtado but he felt the capacity resembled classmate as usual.

“I should not like the teacher talked about,” Murtado said to himself, one day when the teacher instructed him to commend the reading ability of the Qur’an, the Islamic holy book. “In fact, at first I had difficulty reading Qu’ran however I practiced constantly, so my throat is sore,” Murtado said to himself, recalling what he had completed a few days earlier. “I finally know it, regardless of whether it’s just a little bit of my feeling.”

“You’re in every case great at understanding your exercise, son, keep it up!” talked his teacher.


To Be Number One

The vision of Murtado’s teacher instructed him to do the best. The teacher regularly offered encouraged to Murtado that he had to disseminate the exercise to his classmates.

“If you know the exercise first, it implies you have more chances to support your companions,” said Murtado’s teacher who taught math to him.

“In the event you have it, train your friends so they can finally understand the exercise like you,” the teacher’s direction.

“It’s called sharing knowledge, it’s a great habit. Useful for your future,” said the teacher once more.

Murtado, obviously, rehearsed the advice of his teacher. When he comprehended the exercise educated by the teacher, he might want to assist his companions happily.

“Thank you, partner. You have shown me math in a simple way,” said Pitung, one of Murtado’s companions.

“After you teach it, I can understand,” said another friend of Murtado.


Attractive Youth

Since childhood, Murtado always adhered to the message of his teachers. After turning into a teenager, his companions started to see the charisma that appeared on the politeness of Murtado. Moreover, Murtado was likewise attractive.

“Murtado! Murtado! Murtado!” their companions often called at whatever point Murtado passed through villages, on the way to the center where he studied.

He used to greet everybody he met. Usually, Murtado just grinned when he heard his companions’ call. One in a while, the call was answered with a welcome. If there was. Some other time, Murtado usually stopped and discussed with the person where he met.

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