The Venomous Snake

The little eagle quickly pecked the venomous snake’s eyes until the snake was harmed. After it, the snake did not bite him anymore. It hissed in pain, then immediately left.

In ancient times, there was a little shepherd buffalo named Ambo Upe. It was an incredible intention name. Ambo implied a man, Upe was lucky. So Ambo Upe implied the lucky guy.

One day, Ambo Upe grazed his buffaloes on the edge of a dense forest. When his buffalo was eating grass, Ambo Upe refreshed under a shady tree. When he had enjoyed the breeze on the edge of the forest, suddenly there was a little bird felt right nearby. The little bird was a juvenile eagle.

Ambo Upe immediately took the little eagle. It was truly harmed. Out of pity, Ambo Upe helped the little eagle and took it home. Ambo Upe treated the little eagle’s injury and took care of affection. Finally, the little eagle healed. The eagle was finally tame to Ambo Upe. The little eagle liked to sit on Ambo Upe shoulder. When Ambo Upe was pasturing his buffaloes, the little eagle joined with him.


The Little Eagle Aid

One day, while Ambo Upe was grazing his buffaloes on the edge of the forest, he fell asleep under a shady tree. When he slept, there was a venomous snake in the shade, which would bite Ambo Upe.

Fortunately, the little eagle saw it. It promptly pecked the snake’s eyes until the snake was in pain. After it, the snake did not bite Ambo anymore. The venomous snake hissed in agony, at the point quickly left.

Hearing the disturbance when the snake was in pain, Ambo woke up. After realizing that the little eagle had just saved him from a snake bite, Ambo Upe thanked the little eagle. “Much obliged to you, my little companion. You have spared me from the bite of a venomous snake,” said Ambo Upe to the little eagle. He was very moved. The little eagle flapped its wings, it was demonstrated that the little eagle was glad. Ambo Upe survived from the bite of a venomous snake.

The little eagle cherished Ambo Upe. It always remembered, Ambo Upe was benevolent to the little eagle. Besides Ambo Upe never hurt the little eagle, the little eagle reviewed in itself when it was seriously injured, Ambo Upe had taken care of the little eagle with affection. Of course, the little eagle would not forget about it.

The little eagle furtively guaranteed in its heart would repay Ambo Upe’s kindness.
“I will always take care of Ambo Upe. I’ll keep you as best I can,” said the little eagle by itself.

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