“I love the most difficult exercise, I realize the hardest ones are self-discipline. Science is an important source for an experience to stay strong. I’m practicing it to my whole of life. It’s very usefull forto be beneficial for me and people,” Murtado said by himself when recalled his teacher’sContinue Reading

“This is my chance to try my knowledge and power of mine, to what extent I think I will play with them with my steps,” said Somad, holding a smile by himself. In the past, in one of the Dutch colonial areas, a teenager was talking with his friend. TheContinue Reading

“Actually, some rioters are friends with him,” said Murtado’s teacher one day to a group of Dutch people, looking inside and outside his former student. Over a century ago, there was a teenager who has an incredible martial arts ability. The teenager was named Murtado. At that time, the situationContinue Reading

After becoming a teenager, his companions began to see the charisma that showed up Murtado’s face. Murtado’s girls start to love him very much. Moreover, Murtado isn’t just an attractive teenager but also a polite, respectful and smooth teenager but firmly said. Around one and a half centuries ago thereContinue Reading