Consi wanted to immediately share some of the stories to his fellow. Moreover, soon they would go to America, accompanied Colombus who had been tasked as a messenger of the Queen of Spain. On a cold night, in the spring of 1492 nine Dwarves had just finished their assignments inContinue Reading

Grandma Bilqis and Grandpafather Abu Daud finally decided to buy an simple apartment in New York. Not because they didn’t have enough money to buy the high class apartment there. They just wanted to introduce Little Abu with a common society. Besides that they supported John’s desire to be closerContinue Reading

She moved both her hands and legs. The movement looked beautiful and captivated the audience. But unfortunate, the longer Mambang feet lifted from the ground. When people did not know what’s happening, Mambang had escaped from the party. Once upon a time, there was a man named Bujang Enok. TheContinue Reading

The wedding day was assigned together. Enok called his neighbors to help to prepare his marriage moment with Mambang. Enok’s neighbors were very happy. They decorated Enok’s home, served a variety of foods and drinks. They hold some performances to celebrate the wedding. One morning in the past, a youngContinue Reading

“Why I do not dare to ask Mambang to be my wife?” Enok said to himself. “Why is this day so fast? Morning comes, suddenly the afternoon arrives, and now it is night. I have not dared to say I love Mambang?” Enok grumbled. In the past, there was oneContinue Reading

On a warm evening, Putri Jelitani faced his father. She conveyed her desire following the directions about the dream that she got. According to her dream, the rain would come if there was a girl who throws herself into the ocean for the offering. The drought princess now can onlyContinue Reading

Hearing the words of her mother, Princess Mala screamed angrily. Feeling the Queen underestimated the problem of her injury. “My beautiful girl, it’s just a small wound, later it will get well soon,” said the Queen. A long long time ago, there was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom. The royalContinue Reading