When passing through the monkey’s nest, the squirrel heard snoring sound. It seems that the monkey was still sleeping. Moreover at midnight, after the squirrel finished organizing the walnut in storage place, the monkey’s snoring sound was still heard. Once upon a time, there was a forest with various animals.Continue Reading

When Ambo Upe enjoyed the breezy that make him became sleepy, suddenly two robbers were attacking him. The robbers also tied Ambo Upe to the tree trunk so he could not do anything. He had just could take a look when the robbers took his buffaloes. Ambo Upe had aContinue Reading

“The Ant Kingdom has a great vote. Not just representatives from every city but also representatives from every village, so it is okay if every leader of each region has no same choice. Everybody has to choose a different choice even with his close friend, preached the Ants leader. TodayContinue Reading

The little eagle quickly pecked the venomous snake’s eyes until the snake was harmed. After it, the snake did not bite him anymore. It hissed in pain, then immediately left. In ancient times, there was a little shepherd buffalo named Ambo Upe. It was an incredible intention name. Ambo impliedContinue Reading