The Lazy Monkey

When passing through the monkey’s nest, the squirrel heard snoring sound. It seems that the monkey was still sleeping. Moreover at midnight, after the squirrel finished organizing the walnut in storage place, the monkey’s snoring sound was still heard.

Once upon a time, there was a forest with various animals. Two of them was squirrel and monkey. Both animals were friendly because they had many playgrounds together. Fruit trees were their preffered playgrounds. There were bananas, papayas, mangoes, apples, walnuts, oranges, coconuts, and many other fruit trees.

When the morning came, normally squirrel ate coconuts, walnuts, and apples. Meanwhile, the monkey’s favorite was the morning is plucking and eating bananas or mangos. At noon, the squirrel was still eating walnuts, while the monkey was eating fresh fruit, like soursops, oranges, or jackfruits.

“Ahaaayyy, how wonderful this life is! Fruits are available abundantly around us, “said the squirrel one day.

“Right, squirrel. Our lives are generally excellent. If we want any fruits, simply take them by plucking them on the tree,” said the monkey.

When the sun began to shine, they sang. There was a time when a squirrel whistled, monkey sang. Sometimes squirrel sang, monkey pounded on tree trunks or leaves making rhythm.


Changing Season

In where they lived the weather was only divided into two seasons, rain and dry season. Therefore, not less than four months, trees began to stop producing the pistil. Alongside with the arrival of the winds of changing season, the leaves of the trees ceased to grow and the fruits that filled the branches remained the last batch.

After that, they totally stop produced fruits.

At that time, the atmosphere was changing.

The wind was getting colder.

The sun was rising with clouds.

That time was very comfortable for most animals in the jungle.

Every day not many animals roamed. They chose to relax enjoying the cool nature around them.

“Hoaaah,” the monkey’s voice yawned while enjoying the wind, which felt the breeze blew its feathers.

Its yawning surprised the squirrel.

“Hey Monkey, you make me startled!” The squirrel screamed out of its lair.

The squirrel lair was a huge hole at the giant mahogany trunk.

“Hehehe, Sorry. I’m very sleepy. Even though I’ve just woke up but how do I feel sleepy again. Why?” replied the monkey while yawning again.

“Yeah Monkey, maybe the air is very comfortable,” said the squirrel.

“You have been still sleeping since this morning. Now it’s late. Do you still want to sleep again?” asked the squirrel.

“Of course. The air is very cool by the breeze. Good time for sleeping. It’s a pity that if we waste this air,” said the monkey with a low voice. Its eyes opened and closed. Then open again, then close again. Apparently, it was getting drowsy.

“Do you not collect the fruits today for the dry season, don’t you?” asked the squirrel.

“What? No. The trees still have lots of fruits. I just need to take it,” said the monkey with the eyes that were almost closed.

“Well, Nice to see you sleep again. I want to go to find the walnut first,” asked the squirrel for leaving the monkey.

“Okay squirrel,” answered the monkey with a low voice. Afterward, its eyes closed so sleepily.


Lamenting Monkey

The evening had arrived. The squirrel had managed to collect a large piece of walnut. The walnut was wrapped neatly with big leaves for securing from weather or insects. The straps had been hung, so they can be pulled back to the lair. It decided to go back soon.

When passing through the monkey’s nest, the squirrel heard snoring sound. It seems that the monkey was still sleeping. Moreover at midnight, after the squirrel finished organizing the walnut in storage place, the monkey’s snoring sound was still heard.

“Wow. The monkey is still sleeping wakeless. I want to rest too,” said the squirrel to itself.

Time passed quickly. Morning came again. The squirrel woke up from the night’s sleep. It seems that it was slept very well since fatigue because of work hard. Soon after woke up, the squirrel intended to gather walnuts again to supply foods preparing before the dry season coming.

“Hi Monkey, my best friend. Let’s look for fruit, for saving stock,” said the squirrel.

“Go by yourself, Squirrel, I’ll go to find fruits when I am hungry,” said the monkey.

Every time the squirrel persuaded the monkey to collect fruits, it got the same answer from the monkey as usual. Finally, the fruits in the forest ran out at all. The monkey woke up in hungry. It searched for fruits until in the middle of the forest but it only found a little bit of fruit. Small and dry.

“Wow, the fruits no longer exist, though I’m very hungry,” the monkey murmured by itself.

It came home to its nest with unstable steps because of hunger. It stopped at the squirrel’s lair, wondered what its friend had eaten today.

“Hi, Squirrel. What have you eaten today? All of the fruits in the forest was gone. We can die in hunger,” said the monkey to the squirrel.

“Hi Monkey, please eat with me. I keep a lot of walnuts,” said the squirrel asking the monkey to come to its lair.

“You have a lot of your walnut stock? When did you collect them?” asked the monkey.

“Yup. Every day I used to collect them at the end of the fruit season,” said Squirrel.

“Why did not you pick me up?” asked the monkey.

“I had invited you every time but you chose to sleep. Let’s eat these walnuts. This is enough for both of us until the fruit season,” said Squirrel.

“Thank you, Squirrel. You are very kind to me. It’s a good lesson for me. Next time, I will go with you when the fruit season is coming. I will also store fruits for the stock, so when the fruit season stopped, I will not starving again and I will not bother you like this,” said the monkey with regret.

“That’s a good friend. Let’s eat walnuts before we are fainted because of hungry. Ha ha ha …!” the squirrel said while serving the walnuts to the monkey.

“Okay, hahaha …!” answered the monkey with a smile.

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