Proposing the Dew

“Why I do not dare to ask Mambang to be my wife?” Enok said to himself.

“Why is this day so fast? Morning comes, suddenly the afternoon arrives, and now it is night. I have not dared to say I love Mambang?” Enok grumbled.

In the past, there was one young fellow named Bujang Enok. His house was in a village located near the jungle. He had many neighbors who were very nice to him. Recently, Enok had helped them out of poisonous snake disorders.

“Thank you. You have avoided us from the poisonous snakes. Now we can find more fruits in the jungle without afraid,” said Enok’s neighbor to him.

But, right now, Enok was confused. He got an uninvited guest. Not a thief, but a dew. Like his neighbors, dews were also nice to him. They quietly cooked delicious food for him. Their thinking was that Enok had helped residents from poisonous snake disturbances, which have so far made the lives of villagers uncomfortable.

“Forgive me. May you sleep out at night? I want to stay in your house tonight,” Mambang told to Enok that afternoon. Her voice was weak because she was in poor condition.

“Oh, It’s ok. You have helped me a lot. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a solution to your problem,” said Enok.

Anxious Time

The night came covering the earth. Enok tried hard for sleeping but Enok’s eyes cannot be closed. Not because of the place was uncomfortable but he was anxiety, thinking about chatted with Mambang before.

“Why I do not dare to ask Mambang to be my wife?” Enok said to himself.

“Why is this day so fast gone? Morning comes, suddenly the afternoon arrives, and now it is night. I have not dared to say that I love Mambang?” Enok grumbled.

Because he was very tired so he finally to fall asleep. Even Enok thinking his problem he got a dream. Six dews picked up Mambang to back to heaven, where they lived. Enok tried to prevent it but could not. The seven dews, including Mambang, while wearing their flying scarves they were saying goodbye to Enok. They flew one by one leaving Enok.

“Mambang, Mambang, stop. Stay here!” shouted Enok, when he saw the orange scarf of Mambang swung to fly to heaven.

Enok yelled as he ran along the direction where Mambang went. Suddenly, kkraaaak, Enok was fallen. His cheeks were cold as touching the moist soil next to his home. He realized that he was sleeping out of the house because Mambang was sleeping in his house.

“Thank God, I have just dreamed,” said Enok.

Soon after, the cock was crowing. At that time, Enok eager to talk to Mambang soon. He would ask Mambang to become his wife before Mambang’s sister come.

Approaching Moment

The cock crowed several times then the sun’s rising. When Enok starting releasing his chickens from the cage, the door opened. Shortly afterward, as expected by Enok, Mambang seemed to go outside of the house.

“Good morning Enok,” said Mambang. “How is your wound? Is it well now?” asked Mambang.

“It’s dry already. It will be good soon,” answered Mambang.

Enok saw Mambang pointing her gaze upwards, like waiting for something.

“Are you waiting for your sisters?” asked Enok.

“Yeah. I can not wait for news from my sisters. May the Queen angry to me because I’m late coming home?” Mambang murmured.

“If the Queen is angry, you could stay here. You can be my wife,” said Enok suddenly. Enok bravely said that.

Mambang was just silent. She looked surprised but she did not answer a word.

“How?” asked Enok to Mambang.

“It looks like I’m a brave guy,” he said to himself. He smiled to himself.

“Please stay here and become my wife?” asked Enok to Mambang again.

Now he felt he had more courage enough. His heart was relieved. At least he could already say it. He can only be waiting for Mambang’s answer. The dew still looked stunned at the blue sky. Mambang face looks worried.

For a moment she faced to Enok without speaking. With her eyes, Mambang told to Enok if she is now anxiously waiting for news from his sisters. What penalty would she receive from the Queen because of her late home?

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