Naughty Boy

“Actually, some rioters are friends with him,” said Murtado’s teacher one day to a group of Dutch people, looking inside and outside his former student.

Over a century ago, there was a teenager who has an incredible martial arts ability. The teenager was named Murtado. At that time, the situation was not completely safe.

The uncertain economic situation and the existence of people who want to get riches with short cuts made people in difficult situations. Those who wanted to get money by short cuts generally commit crimes, such as stealing, hijacking, and robbing. The start of the victim was the person from within. But, over time, even ordinary people could become victims of them.

Because of the existence of that person, which at that time was under Dutch rule, was suffering more.

The uncomfortable situation was also experienced by residents in the area living of Murtado’s. Thus, residents in the region usually avoided going out at night. In fact, even if they left daylight, people often needed to be careful, especially if they were forced to pass a quiet road.

This situation, making some residents in the residential area of ​​Murtado, had its own way of addressing the problem. One way was to equip their children with various knowledge to defend themselves, including the knowledge and skills of self-defense. Not surprisingly, a young fellow in the village of Murtado, generally had martial arts skills.


Talented Teenager

Among the children who were learning martial arts, Murtado belongs to a group of students who had outstanding abilities compared to others. According to parents and teachers, the benefits of Murtado had been seen since he was a child. But, the advantage was more visible after she was a teenager.

“After adolescence, Murtado seems to be more absorbed in practice,” said his parents.

“When his friends are resting, Murtado is still trying to practice the steps he has just taught him,” said a teacher.

According to his teacher, it was not surprising that when he was a teenager, Murtado’s ability was far beyond the abilities of his friends.

“He looks very happy and very hardworking his skills,” said another teacher Murtado.

Another advantage, according to teachers, was that Murtado is always trying to apply the knowledge taught to solve everyday problems, including problems faced by the environment.

“So, science is not just a theory, but it is practiced, in the right way, according to their needs,” said one of the teachers.


Street Fighting

For example, if there was a group of teenagers who make riots or riots, Murtado will always be tried to defuse the riot.

The way, the troubled teens who like to hurl the tantrums nearby. Murtado usually invited them to speak carefully and calmly invited them to do positive things. For example, helping parents who need help, helping people who need the energy to build homes, or helping people affected by the disaster, such as people inundated, fires, and so on.

Not surprisingly, not only adolescents admired Murtado, but parents also love it. Why? Because if their children were with Murtado, their children were usually good children, as well as children who were brave.

“My child is diligent to learn and care about the surroundings,” said a mother whose only child knew Murtado and started studied together.

Because of his social ability, Murtado had many friends. Her friends came from all walks of life, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Even adults and older ones could be friends with Murtado. Meanwhile, along with increasing age, Murtado was also increasingly active in practicing martial arts. Various moves to survive and attack more of what he controls.

After Murtado turned into a teenager, riots among teenagers in his area appeared. But after Murtado plummeted to try to help provide a solution, the problem was reduced. Because, when there was a riot, Murtado was always trying to get involved. The goal was so that he could break both warring parties, and invited them to reconcile.

As a result, people who had or are often involved in the dispute generally knew Murtado.

“Actually, some rioters are friends with him,” said Murtado’s teacher one day to a group of Dutch people, looking inside and outside his former student.


Challenges encountered

As a border damper was a nickname given by residents to Murtado. Was it easy to do so? Of course not easy. There were many challenges for a young person if he wanted to reconcile the fighters in the riot. But Murtado always had a way to overcome that challenge.

One challenge was, Murtado often get an invitation to fight teenagers who felt themselves stronger or stronger than Murtado. Invitation for war sometimes also came from those who felt they did not like Murtado to break the riot they were doing.

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