Mother’s Curse

“No, she was not my mother!” Malin shouted immediately. He felt embarrassed to had an old mother who looked dirty because of her poverty.

In the past, there was a mother and her son. They were a poor family. The mother was helping fishermen to dismantle their catches every day.

The son named Malin Kundang. Even though they had to work hard, the mother never complains. The important thing for the mother was if their family could eat, that was enough.

When Malin grew up, he expressed his desire to work on a ship to go around the world. One day, a ship stopped on the port near his home. It was owned by a local merchant.

“Your mother become older my son. If you go far away from home, how I am. Do you have the heart to leave Mother?” asked Malin Kundang’s mother, feeling heavy if her son left.

“Malin wants to work to improve our lives, mom. So give me a permit to leave,” Malin said pleadingly.

“You can work here. Here a lot of jobs can be done. As long as we can eat every day, that’s enough, Malin, “said his mother trying to prevent Malin from leaving home.

Mother’s Approval

A year later, a large ship stopped at the port near Malin Kundang’s home. The vessel was looked magnificent comparing with the other ships. The sailors of the ship looked dashing. Seeing them stepped out onto the ship, Malin was tempted. He wanted to be one of the ship’s workers.

“Mother, I want to join the big ship that leaning back on the port. The owner is opening a vacation for a cleaner. I think my ability will match with the job, “Malin said pleading.

His mother was very sad to see Malin was very eager to work with the big ship. She was speechless. She held back his tears so she wouldn’t drip on her cheeks.

“Please ma’am, allow Malin to go. When Malin had succeeded in becoming a rich person, I will return home,” he promised.

“Alright Malin, Mother lets you go. Hopefully, you will succeed and immediately return to our village,” said his mother.

Success and Denial

Malin was very happy. Finally, he worked on a ship and followed the merchant to various ports on many islands. Malin was a very diligent person so he immediately was trusted the ship’s chief officer. Lots of sailor jobs quickly mastered. No wonder, after a few years, the shipowner appointed Malin to replace the head of employees who retired because he was old.

One day the owner asked him, “My daughter likes you. Do you want to marry her?”

Malin was happy to accept the proposal. The owner just had one daughter. Moreover, the daughter was very beautiful and kind.
Malin’s life changed. He was now a rich man who was a good relationship with his employees and family in law.

Once upon a time, due to bad weather, Malin Kundang’s ship was forced to stop on the port near his home! Arriving at the port, the passengers dropped off. Some shopping, some enjoying the fresh air.

Seeing the ship where his son worked leaned back at the port, his mother immediately looked for him. The mother finally found Malin and tried to hug him.

“Malin, my son. Finally, you come back!” the mother exclaimed.

Unexpectedly, Malin avoided his mother’s arms. He said that his parents had died. Malin’s wife was confused, then immediately asked the mother to prove that her husband was the same person with the woman’s son in front of her.

“Malin had scars in his hand that be pecked by a cat when he was child,” said the mother.

“Owwwggghh. I know it very well in his hand. That is right. He has its scars. That means my husband is your son too,” said Malin’s wife.

“Nope. She is not my mother!” Malin shouted immediately. He felt embarrassed to had an old mother who looked dirty because of her poverty.

“My mother was dead!” Malin shouted as he went away from his mother.

Duaar …! Suddenly lightning struck the beach where Malin stood. Malin’s feet suddenly could not be moved because it slowly turned into stone. Malin regretted that he also asked his mother to forgive him so that his body would not turn into stone.

But it was too late, all of Malin’s body became stone. Until now the stone resembling Malin Kundang’s body can be found on the beach.

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