On a warm evening, Putri Jelitani faced his father. She conveyed her desire following the directions about the dream that she got. According to her dream, the rain would come if there was a girl who throws herself into the ocean for the offering. The drought princess now can onlyContinue Reading

The king had a daughter named Jelitani. Because she was born in the dry season, people also called her The Drought Princess. Like her father, she also loves her country. Every day she helped officials distributing food to the people. People were worried. The droughts had a greater impact. ManyContinue Reading

King’s aids in food distribution could not cater to everyone’s needs. Complaints from various regions came again. Complaints were getting worse. The King as a kingdom leader called for a strict budget to all officials. The treasury kingdom almost zero after bought foods from abroad. In the past, a droughtContinue Reading