She moved both her hands and legs. The movement looked beautiful and captivated the audience. But unfortunate, the longer Mambang feet lifted from the ground. When people did not know what’s happening, Mambang had escaped from the party. Once upon a time, there was a man named Bujang Enok. TheContinue Reading

The wedding day was assigned together. Enok called his neighbors to help to prepare his marriage moment with Mambang. Enok’s neighbors were very happy. They decorated Enok’s home, served a variety of foods and drinks. They hold some performances to celebrate the wedding. One morning in the past, a youngContinue Reading

“Why I do not dare to ask Mambang to be my wife?” Enok said to himself. “Why is this day so fast? Morning comes, suddenly the afternoon arrives, and now it is night. I have not dared to say I love Mambang?” Enok grumbled. In the past, there was oneContinue Reading

She helped Enok to stand up. Shortly afterward, Mambang picked the leaves from the distance of the jarak tree that grew up in the yard of  Enok’s home. Mambang then used the sap out of the distance of the jarak tree to the wound in the hands and legs ofContinue Reading

He smiled to himself. How can a dew want to marry him? He is just a man from the village. His daily job was to find firewood and fruits to be purchased to the city. One day, there was a young fellow lived in the village, near the forest, namedContinue Reading

The appearance of a venomous snake had made people dare not take woodland items near the village. The fruits remain intact and the numbers were plentiful. So were the firewoods. Ancient times, there was a young fellow in a small village called Bujang Enok. When he was looking for firewoodsContinue Reading