Helping the Dew

She helped Enok to stand up. Shortly afterward, Mambang picked the leaves from the distance of the jarak tree that grew up in the yard of  Enok’s home. Mambang then used the sap out of the distance of the jarak tree to the wound in the hands and legs of  Enok.

One day, there was a man living in a village near the forest. A young fellow named Bujang Enok. The man had just looked at the back of the chicken cage, stacked next to his home.

“Kraak … Gubrak! Aaaaaah …!” the sound of something was felt followed by a loud voice.

Hearing the commotion, a dew wearing an orange scarf immediately stopped trying to free the shawl stuck on the door. She was surprised to see Enok fell sitting in the courtyard next to his home. There was a big chicken cage covering  Enok. His face was seen smiling in pain.

“Ouch!” Enok said with pain because his arm bleeds from a piece of wood from a pile of chicken cages where he hid. A heap of cages that he accidentally stepped on, apparently something broken, causing him to fall off.

A dew with an orange scarf smiled when her eyes met with  Enok’s eyes.

“Hi. Who are you?” asked Enok to the dew stood near the door of his home.

“I’m Mambang Linau from heaven. I am sorry, I am reckless into your home. We want to help you,” said Mambang.

“Oh no. That’s okay. Where are your friends? If I’m not wrong, I saw them before,” said Enok. He felt guilty. A few days he just watched them, without daring to say hello.

“They have just returned to heaven soon after our time to play on earth today it’s gone,” Mambang said in a weak voice.

“Owh. Why don’t you go home with them? Is there a problem?” asked  Enok.

Mambang did not answer. She just pointed to  Enok’s arm.

“Your arm is bleeding,” said Mambang.

The beautiful dew then release a scarf that tied to her waist. She then let her scarf partly fall on the ground because trapped at the door of  Enok’s home.

“Come here. I want to see your wound clearly,” the dew said while she was going to Enok place.

Bujang tried to rise but his legs were trapped in a broken chicken cage, so he was somewhat difficult to stand.

“Wow, your legs are bleeding too,” said Mambang.

She helped Enok to stand up. Shortly afterward, Mambang picked the leaves of the jarak tree that grew up in the yard of Enok’s home. Mambang then used the sap out of the jarak tree to the wound in the hands and legs of  Enok.

“This jarak leaf will stop your blood from continuing out of your wounds,” said Mambang, calming Bujang, who looked nervous to see at the wound.

“We heard someone calling this balacai leaf,” said Enok shyly.

He was not fell good to troublesome to Mambang.

“Yes, many names.” In heaven we call it jatropha leaf, “said Mambang.


Dare not to Go Home

Shortly after, Enok helped Mambang releasing the orange scarf that was caught at the door of  Enok’s home. After some trial, finally Enok succeeds to release the orange scarf.

“It’s your shawl. Thank you for your kindness helping me a lot,” Enok said with fear.

“You are helping people from poisonous snakes first, so do not think about it. What do we do for you is not something difficult,” said Mambang.

For a couple of days, Mambang and her sisters, the dew, each morning secretly cooked delicious foods for  Enok. They were happy because Enok had helped villagers in Bengkalis from the poisonous snake’s threats that bit people deadly.

“Now is evening. It is too late for going home. I will be punished. I cannot playback on earth again,” Mambang said in a weak voice.

“Maybe if my sisters down here tomorrow, I can go home with them immediately,” said Mambang considering the possibility.

“Wow. Sorry for you. Please stay at my home tonight, I’ll sleep outdoors to take care of you. You’re safe here,” said  Enok.

“Thank you for your suggestion and your permit,” said Mambang.

Bujang preparing the place outdoors in such a way that it could be his bed tonight. Meanwhile, Mambang anxiously waited for tomorrow, when her sisters played back to earth.

“Hopefully I can return to heaven with my sisters tomorrow, without being punished by the Queen,” said Mambang to herself.

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