Planning to America

Consi wanted to immediately share some of the stories to his fellow. Moreover, soon they would go to America, accompanied Colombus who had been tasked as a messenger of the Queen of Spain.

On a cold night, in the spring of 1492 nine Dwarves had just finished their assignments in the Netherlands. Now, they were gathering in front of the fireplace. They had just finished packing and got ready to accept the next task.

What was the next task? What was special? This time they would go on an adventure to a very distant continent. America! Hurray !!!

“Mr. Colombus will depart at the end of the summer this year,” Zest said with eyes glowing.

Zest’s spirit immediately spread to the other eight Dwarves. Their voices echoed in response to Zest’s words.

Oh, yes, the Dwarves at that time numbered nine dwarves. So, you could imagine how noisy the house where they gathered that night.

“I can’t wait for Spain and meet Mr. Colombus. Of course, I want to meet the Queen too, “Alano said.

His voice usually was soft but now it was loud. Apparently, Alano had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He served in his hometown, Spain.

Eternal World

Alano was a dwarf relative of Queen Isabella of Spain. The Queen did not know it yet. Because, residents of the Eternal World knew more about many things better than people who lived only in one type of world, the Earth.

“I know, you want to see the face of the Queen of Spain, right? It is said that her face and appearance are similar to your mom, “said Banaro, a Dwarf from Spain too.

“The difference is, the Queen is not a Dwarf. So I’m also curious to see her appearance,” Funny said with a laugh.

“Ho ho ho… At a glance, the appearance of people in the Earth seems to be the best. In fact, someone’s best appearance was when we are in the Eternal World, ho..ho..ho …!” Zest said soon after Funny laughed.

As usual, even though he was laughing, Zest’s eyes still seemed to glow, like there was a fire inside.

Question about Zest

Zest was a Dwarf representative of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. Actually, he had a high noble title. He included the heir to the royal throne there. But, he did not really care about that title – just like his father. No wonder, he was so easy to switch from the Earth to the Eternal World, from the Eternal World to the Earth, vice versa. As he wanted.

“Because it can be said, there was no greed in him,” said Heaven.

Heaven said that answered the Eight Dwarf’s question. The Eight Dwarves asked, why was Zest so easy to commute from the Eternal World to the Earth? Even without the procedure closing your eyes?

“Actually, the more sincere you are, the happier your feelings, by itself you will easily go wherever you like,” replied Heaven.

The Eight Dwarves just nodded in understanding. After a while, they just found out, it’s easy to understand about something but it did not mean it’s easy to practice it.

“I’ve tried to be sincere, I’ve tried to be happy, but why I can’t go home to the Eternal World as fast as Zest?” asked a few Dwarves in their hearts.

But, however, the Nine Dwarves agreed, they would all always be grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve in the Earth — even though they were citizens of the Eternal World. The Nine Dwarves agreed to always be grateful because they could still do good things, as they once did when they were still in the Earth completely.

“We have to be grateful, whenever we can play on the Earth, without scaring people. We are not ghosts … ha … ha … ” said Consi who was greeted by his friends.

Consi was an attractive dwarf. Not because he was good at talking like Alano, Dirk, Elano, or Zest, but he always wore a hat, wherever the Nine Dwarves went.

American Look

In recent days, Consi wore a cowboy hat. The style was like the Americans. He behaved like that because he wanted to go to America.

He always remembered the story of his father’s journey following the North Viking to America. Not just a fun trip but also thrilling as it was full of challenges.

His father talked about the arrival of a storm, a boating boat in the ocean, and a lack of food supplies. The incident made the sailors not immediately return to their original continent.

“They eventually settled in America. Have children there,” said Consi’s father.

He had many stories about his adventures in America. Now, Consi wanted to immediately share some of the stories to his fellow. Moreover, soon they would go to America, accompanied Colombus who had been tasked as a messenger of the Queen of Spain.

“Later we will have our own adventure, Consi. Be patient,” Banaro calmed the Consi who always asked why they did not go straight to Spain to meet Mr. Colombus.

“He’s a friend, I’m hoping for our adventures in America, no less fun with my father’s adventures, when he’s there,” Consi said hopefully.

Banaro patted Consi’s shoulders. Banaro seemed to tell Consi that he had the same expectations as the Consi hopes.

“All we can do now is to prepare our best travels later,” Banaro said.

“Yeah, right. That’s the most important thing we do as long as we are waiting for Agusto to pick us up, “Consi said.


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