The Dew Shawl

He smiled to himself. How can a dew want to marry him? He is just a man from the village. His daily job was to find firewood and fruits to be purchased to the city.

One day, there was a young fellow lived in the village, near the forest, named Bujang Enok. He was anxious, waiting for the dews arrival tomorrow.

Why? Because he had been astonished in recent days by the presence of seven beautiful dews. They quietly went to Enok’s home. Cooked delicious foods for him, while he went to the forest looking for fruits and firewood.

“Wow … I’m looking forward to waiting for them for tomorrow,” said Enok to himself before he has slept one more.

“How beautiful the dews are. Truly! They appear to be dews descending,” said Enok again.

He remembered the conversation of the dews. Enok heard when he peered at what they had done in his home in a previous couple of days. The discussion among the dews were talking about that they were glad to be able to cook delicious foods for Enok. The reason was Enok had helped villagers from the poisonous snake a few days before.

He endeavored to review one by one of the dews face. Everyone was not only beautiful but also excellent mobility. The way they walk was graceful, similar to an artist. The discourse was polite and relieving.

“If one of the dews can be my wife,” wondered Enok without anyone else.

He grinned. How could a dew need to marry him? He was just a young fellow from the village. His daily job was to find firewood and fruits to be purchased to the city.

After all, how will he support his family after marriage? He’s a common person, not rich.

“How do I make her happy? If then she wants to be my wife, how will I fulfill my wife’s needs?” Enok asked to himself.

He was considerably increasingly anxious to rest since he was waiting for the morning.

“What’s wrong with me? For daily meals, she can prepare for me. I am sure her cuisine is delicious,” said Enok suddenly.

“God will help me. I’ll endeavor to solicit one from them to be my wife,” said Enok to himself. “Hopefully this expectation will come true,” said Enok wisely.


Struck Anxiety

Enok’s hope was hard to work out. The problem was he suddenly didn’t dare come out of hiding when he saw the dews were coming to cook at his home.

“Ah, why I am so nervous? How will I say to them, I will just ask one of them to stay here, to accompany me, to be my wife?” asked Enok to himself. His heart was heating since he was nervous and felt miserable.

Because of the feeling of being wafered, Enok did not realize that it was getting late in the evening. His heart was suddenly pounded stronger when he peered the dews were preparing to leave his home.

“Wow. How about this?” Enok said in a frenzy.

“Wow, wow, wow …!” Enok said again when he saw one by one the dews were beginning to utilizing their shawl and flew to go back to their home in heaven.

“Geez, geez …” Enok said holding his head, feeling stupid because he never dared to leave his concealing spot to meet with the dews.

“Aaaaah …!” Suddenly heard the voice of a dew’s crying.

Enok promptly peered through a bigger hole. He wanted to know more obviously about what’s truly occurred. He was searching for the place of the voice of a dew’s call he had just quite recently heard.


The Shawl Trapped

Oh. There was a dew whose flight shawl was stuck on the doorstep of Enok’s home.

“What is going on?” asked one dew to the others.

The remaining of the dews tried to help her. The two dews tried to release the orange shawl that trapped on the door with all their strength. But it did not work.

“It’s already noon, It’s time for us to go home, if it’s too late, Queen can forbid us to go home again,” said the dew with a white scarf reminiscent of her sister.

“So, You are simply staying, Hopefully, someone can help you soon,” said the dew in a white shawl. She then immediately flew away from her sister.

“Oh, How about this. Why is it so difficult to pull the shawl trapped on the door?” asked the dew with an orange shawl by herself.

She was confused about who requested help. All of her sisters had returned to heaven. The sun was currently through the midline of the earth. The orange shawl’s dew could just give up. She wondered, what punishment would she receive after this incident?

“Maybe this is my last visit to earth since I am late to go to Kayangan,” said her.

She kept trying to release the shawl that had been trapped at Bujang Enok’s door until she heard a thud beside the house. ”Kraak … Gubrak! Aaaaaah …!” The sound of the thing felt, accompanied by a loud voice.

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