The Delicious Food From Heaven

The appearance of a venomous snake had made people dare not take woodland items near the village. The fruits remain intact and the numbers were plentiful. So were the firewoods.

Ancient times, there was a young fellow in a small village called Bujang Enok. When he was looking for firewoods in the forest, he was surprised by the appearance of a venomous snake.

“Eiiits …!” Enok exclaimed suddenly after the snake almost pecked him.

He rarely passed that way, so he did not know that in one of the trees there was a very venomous snake.

“Not surprisingly, the pathway to this part of the forest is very quiet. In fact, there are plenty of fruits and firewoods,” said Enok to himself.

“Eiiits … eiiits …!” Mentioning Enok, when a deadly venomous snake wanted to hit him again.

“Hey snake, do you want to kill me? Your poison is very dangerous, do not peck me!” Enok said angrily.

The snake has just sizzled. Its head suddenly was silent but then swung it again towards Enok’s body.

“Eiiits..eiiits..eiiits …!” Enok said again while tried to avoid it. The venomous snake’s head quickly tried to hit him. Again and again.

“You’re making me angry!” said Enok.


New Hero

Even the snake attacked Enok but he knocked the snake’s head strongly.

Bummm! Inadvertently, the head of the venomous snake was slammed by Enok’s hand. The snake’s head struck the tree trunk. The snake died instantly.

Some villagers who passed through the forest saw the fighting. “Well, you’re great! The serpent often disturbs people who are passing through this forest,” said one when Enok was burying the snake.

“Thank you Enok. Finally, we are now safe,” said another villager,

Together with Enok, they took some fruits and firewoods calmly. When they were back home, the villagers told to neighbor about Enok as a hero.


Delicious Foods

One day after, Enok was surprised after reach home from the farm. He saw a lot of delicious food served on the table in his kitchen.

“Wow, who gave this food for me?” asked Enok to himself.

He guessed, who sent food to him. There was rice, grilled fish, fried fish, and a delicious variety of fresh vegetables.

“My neighbors are far away, where they can deliver this food, because the dishes are still warm, as they have just been processed,” Enok told himself.

Since he was very hungry after work, he ate the meal with enthusiasm. More surprisingly, the next day, when returned from the forest, delicious food was available again in the kitchen.

Instead of curiosity, Enok decided to know what happened. In the early morning, when it was time he had to go to the forest, Enok did not go to the forest. He went back to her home for a peek.

Well … finally, Enok knew where delicious food came from. There were seven beautiful girls who came to his home when he went to work. They cooked foods for him. From their conversation, he knew that they did it to thanks to him.

“Fortunately a venomous snake has been killed by Enok, so we can see the villagers around the forest now live safely,” said a girl.

“Yes, that’s why we’re happy to cook foods for him, the hero of the village,” another girl said.

As soon as the cooking was over, the girls came out of Enok’s home. They flew one by one using their shawl. They went back to Kayangan, where they lived.

“They must be dew. They deserve to be beautiful. A very beautiful face,” Enok told to himself.

After that moment Enok was always anxious to wait the day change every day. He wanted to peek again, enjoyed the beauty of girls.

“Lucky me. Get a good meal every day,” Enok told himself with a smile.

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