He smiled to himself. How can a dew want to marry him? He is just a man from the village. His daily job was to find firewood and fruits to be purchased to the city. One day, there was a young fellow lived in the village, near the forest, namedContinue Reading

King’s aids in food distribution could not cater to everyone’s needs. Complaints from various regions came again. Complaints were getting worse. The King as a kingdom leader called for a strict budget to all officials. The treasury kingdom almost zero after bought foods from abroad. In the past, a droughtContinue Reading

The corrupt government tried to arrest Si Midun. However, every time he was caught, Si Midun could escape because of his mastery of martial art. Whenever forced by a siege of the soldiers and hired thugs from the rich, Si Midun was rescued by the people. During the corrupt governmentContinue Reading

The appearance of a venomous snake had made people dare not take woodland items near the village. The fruits remain intact and the numbers were plentiful. So were the firewoods. Ancient times, there was a young fellow in a small village called Bujang Enok. When he was looking for firewoodsContinue Reading