Beginning in New York City – Little Sheba Adventure

“Call me Li-She. That’s short for Little Sheba, “said the black-brown girl answering Ariane’s question.

“Oh ok. Li-She, I’m very happy to be able to meet you, “Ariane answered.

Her eyes gleamed with enthusiasm. Like animals find their prey. Ariane’s heart beat hard. It’s not in vain to try to follow this child for several days.

As obsessed, Ariane even had time to mobilize all of her assistants. she wanted them to help her find the black-brown skinned girl who was recently seen in the New York City area.

Her height is around 5.5 feet. With a typical way of walking – arguably faster than the way young girls generally walk in New York City.

“This girl always disappeared suddenly, like disappearing into the earth,” Ariane told her assistants.

“Maybe because the girl was walking too fast,” said Meili, one of Ariane’s assistants who tried to guess the photos of Li-She that had been successfully taken by her team.

Now, Ariane is in the girl’s schoolyard. She prepares to meet the teacher or anyone who can guide her further. she hopes that Li-She allows her to work together.

“Can I meet your parents, Li-She?” Asked Ariane.

“Or maybe your teacher?” Ariane asked immediately.

“I’m at school. So you can meet my teacher, “Li-She said.

The girl’s answer was accompanied by deep eyes. But, the gaze of the eyes quickly switched.

As fast as lightning, Li-She is like being in another world. her hand plays a triangular pendant. The pendant is tied in such a way to silver silk thread, which encircles its neck. Looks contrast with blackish-brown skin. But for some reason, Li-She’s movements looked very attractive to Ariane.

“Ah, what exactly is interesting about this child?” Thought Ariane.

Maybe it’s a triangular pendant. Maybe the movement of her eyes. Maybe the contrast between the color of the silver silk thread that encircles her neck and the color of her skin. It may also be a way of speaking that is arguably charismatic. Even though this girl’s age seems to be very young.

“OK, Li-She, you are very attractive. Do you like fashion? “asked Ariane trying to restore Li-She’s gaze to her.

“Catwalk? Model? Of course, I hope I can be there, “Li-She replied.

Her eyes immediately jumped again. This time plunging into the bracelet of the Cherokee Indians that coiled around Ariane’s arm.

“I think you are a talent seeker. Maybe I’m wrong, “Li-She said politely.

His eyes now turned to the gray scarf belonging to Ariane.

“You are very fashionable. But I know, you are not a model. Maybe you are a talent scout, “Li-She said again.

Ariane’s heart immediately beat fast. she is happy as soon as this Li-She knows the purpose of her arrival. She believes, with a number of exercises, Li-She will be able to shine in fashion events in New York City.

“But of course I will bother you. Because my brain jumps here and there. I can’t even beat it, “Li-She said frankly.

“Oh, later we can think about how to overcome it, Miss Beautiful,” Ariane said immediately.

“OK. Please help me, if you really like doing it, “Li-She replied.

“I said, if you like doing it,” Li-She said again, as if out of control.

Headmaster blessed

With a charming walk, the girl strolled towards the school office. Ariane quickly stalked behind her. jogging so as not to be left behind by the steps of Li-She.

“Oh My God. From her movements, Li-She seems to be with ADHD. I don’t know how to deal with children with special needs like this, “Ariane said to herself.

“Ah, never mind, I have to focus on discussing the possibility of working with the teacher or her parents. That’s the most important thing now, “Ariane said.

Her guess gets stronger when she sees Li-She talking to himself. Close and open the doors of the school office many times. And trying to look at her several times, as if against her own hyperactivity.

“You need to know, I have ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, “said Li-She like being able to read Ariane’s mind.

“I think so. But it’s not a big problem, right? “Asked Ariane.

Her face showed that she was holding back the turmoil of excitement. She was finally able to find a “living mannequin”, which according to her hunch would be able to shock the fashion world in New York City. It’s been too long for the fashion world to show models with boring characters. It’s time, one of the fashion center cities in the United States displays models with different characters.

“Boss, you really can find this brilliant child,” whispered Ariane’s assistant who followed to the school where Ariane met Li-She.

( contunued )

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