On a warm evening, Putri Jelitani faced his father. She conveyed her desire following the directions about the dream that she got. According to her dream, the rain would come if there was a girl who throws herself into the ocean for the offering. The drought princess now can onlyContinue Reading

Hearing the words of her mother, Princess Mala screamed angrily. Feeling the Queen underestimated the problem of her injury. “My beautiful girl, it’s just a small wound, later it will get well soon,” said the Queen. A long long time ago, there was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom. The royalContinue Reading

She helped Enok to stand up. Shortly afterward, Mambang picked the leaves from the distance of the jarak tree that grew up in the yard of  Enok’s home. Mambang then used the sap out of the distance of the jarak tree to the wound in the hands and legs ofContinue Reading

“Actually, some rioters are friends with him,” said Murtado’s teacher one day to a group of Dutch people, looking inside and outside his former student. Over a century ago, there was a teenager who has an incredible martial arts ability. The teenager was named Murtado. At that time, the situationContinue Reading

The king had a daughter named Jelitani. Because she was born in the dry season, people also called her The Drought Princess. Like her father, she also loves her country. Every day she helped officials distributing food to the people. People were worried. The droughts had a greater impact. ManyContinue Reading

When passing through the monkey’s nest, the squirrel heard snoring sound. It seems that the monkey was still sleeping. Moreover at midnight, after the squirrel finished organizing the walnut in storage place, the monkey’s snoring sound was still heard. Once upon a time, there was a forest with various animals.Continue Reading

When Ambo Upe enjoyed the breezy that make him became sleepy, suddenly two robbers were attacking him. The robbers also tied Ambo Upe to the tree trunk so he could not do anything. He had just could take a look when the robbers took his buffaloes. Ambo Upe had aContinue Reading

“No, she was not my mother!” Malin shouted immediately. He felt embarrassed to had an old mother who looked dirty because of her poverty. In the past, there was a mother and her son. They were a poor family. The mother was helping fishermen to dismantle their catches every day.Continue Reading

He smiled to himself. How can a dew want to marry him? He is just a man from the village. His daily job was to find firewood and fruits to be purchased to the city. One day, there was a young fellow lived in the village, near the forest, namedContinue Reading

“The Ant Kingdom has a great vote. Not just representatives from every city but also representatives from every village, so it is okay if every leader of each region has no same choice. Everybody has to choose a different choice even with his close friend, preached the Ants leader. TodayContinue Reading