Towards the Ancestral Trail in The Great Smokey Mountains (Adventure of Alope Roosevelt)

Alope’s heart pounded hard. Her mother will immediately pick her up at school. Then the two of them will leave New York soon. They will go to the Smokies, what they call the Great Smoky Mountains, in North Carolina.

“Mum, I can’t wait to visit the Smokies,” Alope said before leaving for school this morning.

Alora, Alope’s mother smiled. Her daughter very rarely talk. So, Alora just smiled. First, this morning, Alope had invited her to talk. Secondly, she was happy since Alope was finally interested in the origins of their ancestors.

“Of course, your mum also can’t wait to get there soon. God bless us, son. That’s why it’s easy for me to get leave permission from the director, ho..ho..o … “Alora said as she pushed her head closer to Alope’s face. Her face looks very pleasant when smiling broadly.

“Now, how are they there? We haven’t been there for a long time,” Alora said again. She said it with a slow speaking style. As if there was an emphasis on every word.

Even so, while talking, she raised her eyebrows up high. Her eyes glowed, unable to hide her joyful feelings.

In contrast to Alope who was very quiet, Alora was very talkative. No wonder, work in the marketing department is not a difficult problem for Alora. The wife of the late John Washington is counted as one of the successful women in New York City. She is known to be reliable in the field of marketing.

Mother is the Boss

“Listen to me, my girl. Today is a very beautiful day. My director will allow us to stay longer in the Smokies,” Alora said again. Hoping there was a smile on Alope’s lips.

“Isn’t Mother the director?” asked Alope.

Do not make a mistake. Alope only conveyed that question in her heart. So, her mother didn’t hear it. What Alope did was show a smile. Alope knew that was what her mother expected from her. Her mother wanted to hear more words from Alope’s mouth.

“I really can’t wait to get to the Smokies. A MIRACLE, your director is so kind to us,” Alora said and immediately hugged Alope swiftly. It makes Alope feel suffocated but also feels happy.

In fact, for Alope, her mother’s words this time were like NONSENSE. It is a common secret, Alora is very dominant towards anyone. Against her directors too.

Grandma once told, the Doctor who helped Alope’s birth was subject to Alora’s order. Grandma said Alora had asked Doctor Smith that the Alope’s birth of day must on January 9. The same date and month with their ancestors.

“It’s the same as President Roosevelt’s birthday, Madam,” said Doctor Smith at that time.

“Of course, that’s what I mean, Doc,” Alora answered quickly.

“Are you a descendant of President Roosevelt, Madame?” The Doctor asked, showing curiosity.

“I hope so, doc, ho..ho … ho …!” answered Alora followed by a peal of grinning laughter, while holding her belly.

Apparently, she held back amusement. When she mentioned “I hope so” the baby in her womb soaring, reacting to her words.

“Mrs. Washington is very easy to joke about,” said Doctor Smith immediately joined in laughing.

“I think your baby inside also laughs ha ha ha,” said Doctor Smith again. He was unable to stop laughing.

“Life is a lot of pressure, Doc. So, I always try to be happy. I don’t mind if you call me Mrs. Roosevelt rather than Mrs. Washington,” Alora said with a beaming face.

“Ah, that’s great! Oh, yes, you need to know, Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Washington are the two presidents that I like the most,” answered Doctor Smith immediately.

“Thank you, Doc, you are very kind,” said Alora while looked at the Doctor Smith’s eyes at a glance with sparkling. Making Doctor Smith seem to be enchanted by her words.

“It doesn’t matter, Mrs. Roosevelt,” said Doctor Smith immediately.

After they laughed, Doctor Smith easily to grant Alora’s request about the date of her baby’s birth.

“Okay. I would speed up my New Year’s holiday, Madam,” said Doctor Smith, continuing to laugh. His face showed a ray of pride.

“So, your baby will be born, January 9!” said Dr. Smith in a steady voice. Apparently, Alora’s presence made her day bright. Seem like no problems anymore in her life.

Family Name

Alope knows the story of the date of her birth from Grandma, who has the exact same name as Alope: Alope Roosevelt. Alope’s grandmother bears the name Roosevelt, while Alora should bear the name Middletown.

“Alora, so how does the Office of Vital Records save your surname? Do you arrange it too? ” asked Alora’s friends at a time.

Alora’s friends were surprised, Alora consistently introduced herself to their colleagues and relations under the name Roosevelt. In fact, Alora’s father’s surname is Middletown, and the surname of her late husband is Washington.

“I think they will obey Alora’s orders,” Dicky said with a laugh.

“Of course, I like Middletown and Washington, just as I like Roosevelt. This is only a matter of ancestral messages. You have to know that,” Alora answered while packing the agreement files with one of the big companies in New York City.

“Yup. The message of the ancestor is so strong, it seems that it is also possible to “dictate” in the Office of Vital Records to change your child’s surname. Right?” said Rose, Alora’s friend tried to guess.

“I hope so too, Honey,” Alora replied as if it hadn’t happened yet.

As far as Alope said, the teachers at her school called her “Miss Roosevelt”. During this time, for Alope personally, her surname was not very important. She used the names Roosevelt and Washington, the two men who drained blood to her body.

“Mom, they both don’t exist in this world. Could you not mind any more of my surname? “asked Alope one time, when her mother was seen talking to one of the new teachers, to correct Alope’s surname.

“This is the message of your ancestor, son. As long as we can obey, why not? I hope in the future, you will like it,” Alora said. Her sounding like a command that was not negotiable.

Alope doesn’t answer anything. She still did not know the importance of the surname. As usual, she was speechless to protest every act of her mother.


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